Summer 2017, stocked!!

Hi everyone, welcome to the first (and maybe only) blog post of 2017. I’m writing this from my house in Gustavsberg in the heart of the Stockholm Archipelago where spring is coming strong. Birds are singing, sun is shining and flowers are popping up everywhere I look.

This winter has been full speed, mostly on ice due to the lack of snow but quite low temperatures in Stockholm’s region between November 2017 and February 2017. Many ice skating excursions on natural ice (meaning huge lakes) with guests from all over the world in the surrounding of Stockholm. There’s been a few XC-country skiing trips but not that many, and quite many hiking tours to Tyresta National Park just south of the Swedish capital.

It’s also been full speed on some other levels such as building the new website, setting up new collaborations with a few travel agency, mostly French, and a nordic skiing trips in northern/mid Sweden which was amazing and that gave me some ideas for the next winter 🙂

So enough about the winter, it’s passed, let’s talk about the futur here at Explore Stockholm Outdoor. As the titles says, I’m quite stocked!! Why? Because we have a new design on our website which looks sexy and fresh. We also have installed a super functional booking system that allow our dear guests to book and pay online an activity, a day or multi days excursions such as sailing or kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago, canoeing in the Swedish rivers and camping along calm lakes, or the big adventure of this summer: the 3 days and 2 night kayaking trip, all inclusive from Stockholm. We received yesterday the first booking through the new booking system which makes us really proud 🙂 A french guy booked a single day sailing trip in July for his best friend who turns 35 this summer and her husband, all that without sending us a pre-booking email. What it means is that he trusted our website and booking system and had all the informations he thought he needed to book this sailing excursion without checking with us by email or phone call. How nice, right?!

We are also investigating the dark world of Google Ad-words…This will be our tasks for this spring, to master Google Ad-words!! I’m sure we will succeed and get heaps of booking 🙂 Yeah!!

Oh and I forgot to write about the partnership we might start with a 40 feet sailing boat and his Swedish skipper/captain. That might allow us to bring along up to 8 guests every Wednesdays and Fridays in June, July and August (the best months to visit Stockholm, September being not bad at all!). Those sailing trip will normally start from the metro station of Gullmarsplan (just a couple of stops from T-centralen and Gamla Stan) where we’ll pick up the guests and drive with them to Värmdö where we’ll meet the skipper and start sailing towards Sandhamn, Möja, Bullandö, Runmarö…it will depend on the wind and the guest wishes.

That’s enough for now. We wish you a warm (but not warm) spring and hope to see you this summer!

Pierre (founder, owner and guide at Explore Stockholm Outdoor).