Ice skating Stockholm

Follow us for a magical day of nordic ice skating this winter. We’ll take you to the best and safest natural ice just outside of Stockholm.

It’s 9am, it’s freezing and still quite dark outside but we are excited to go ice skating on a frozen lake in the outskirts of Stockholm!

You meet your private guide who comes to pick you up at your hotel in Stockholm. After a drive of maximum 40 minutes, he will give you a pair of nordic ice skate, a pair of boots, a backpack and of course a safety brief and the instructions on how to ice-skate like a proper swede. Do not forget to dress properly for the physical activity, meaning several layers (wool or synthetic tee shirt, fleece or wool sweater (avoid cotton), and waterproof/windbreaker jacket and trousers), as well as warm hat and gloves (a little bit like if you were going downhill skiing, but you will get quite warm when active and cold when still).

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Once on the icy lake the few first glides can be quite scary, especially when the ice is transparent. After a few minutes you feel comfortable on your skates, and we will start the tour around the lake at your own pace. You will skate along the rocks along the lake, villas and smoking saunas, beautiful northern forests … the Swedish winter dream!! Your private guide is with you for your safety and guidance which is usually really appreciated. Depending on how it goes for you, we’ll skate 5 or 75km. But no stress, you won’t have to follow 10 members of a large group as it’s only you and your guide.

We will stop for a warm tea/coffee and traditional swedish pastry. A little later we will stop again on the shore, light a fire that will keep us warm and enjoy a warm meal (warm food is priceless in the winter).

As the sun goes down at around 3 pm during the winter months, we will skate before darkness reach us. And you will see, that will be enough, the practice of ice skating is quite physical!

You will be back in downtown Stockholm around 16h.

  • Experience Nordic Ice Skating on natural ice
  • Private tour – Only you and your guide
  • Friendly and personal guiding
  • Skate on a frozen lake and not an ice rink
  • Private pickup and drop off with vehicle
  • Live a 100% Nordic experience
  • Enjoy a warm meal by a log fire in the forest
  • Observe the Swedish nature
  • Live memories for life


Private transportation from/to Stockholm
English speaking outdoor guide
Warm lunch, coffee/tea and pastries
Ice skating equipment (skates, shoes, sticks, backpack, safety equipment)


Bring your own clothes as if you were going skiing/jogging in cold weather ( whole set mandatory)

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