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We’d like to help you planning your active stay in Stockholm. For that please make sure you give us your dates, number of participants and activities you’d like to do.

Or reach us by phone (and what’s app) 0046729076260.

We’ll try our best to answer you within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions:

– How can I book an outdoor excursion with Stockholm Outdoor?

Pierre’s reply: The easiest way is to email us at We are working on a booking system (spring 2018)

– Will he have other people from another group with us?

Pierre’s reply: Yes and no. The minimum for booking with Stockholm Outdoor is 2 persons. Perfect for couples or families who want to discover the Stockholm archipelago in peace with a private guide.
However, as we collaborate with other companies for our winter trips, you might be joining a group with maximum 8 people. If you are 4 people or more in your group then we can arrange a private day.

– How much costs a day?

Pierre’s reply: The rate for the day in kayak is 1600sek per adult. The price of one day in sailboat is 1600sek per adult. For other activities, take a look at the page of the activity in question.

– What means of payment are proposed?

Pierre’s reply: Once the activity and date are agreed on, we will send you an invoice with Paypal. You can pay with your credit card without charge or commission or your Paypal account.

– What if I can not find the activity I want to do in Stockholm on this site?

Pierre’s reply: There is so much activity to enjoy in Stockholm that I can not list them all. If you want to go cycling, mountain biking, fatbike, canoeing, fishing, motor boating … I can inform you and offer you a tailor-made activity. We have contacts and partners for all types of outdoor activities in Stockholm.

– Does the guide speak english?

Pierre’s reply: Yes, the guide Pierre is French and therefore speaks french but also english  🙂  He also speaks swedish and a little danish.

– What is the minimum age for kayaking or sailing?

Pierre’s reply: the minimum age for kayaking is 12 years. For the sailboat 10 years. If your children are younger than this, please contact us.

– How do I get dressed for boating or kayaking?

Pierre’s reply: For a sailing trip, I advise you to dress relatively warmly and take a windbreaker / waterproof jacket. Why not waterproof pants? But do not forget your swimsuit! Avoid sneakers or shoes with excessively shaped soles. For a kayak trip, swimsuit, t-shirt, pair of sandals or tongues that do not fear water. In both cases, caps, sunglasses and sun cream should not to be forgotten.

– How to find Facebook accounts, Instagram … of Stockholm Outdoor?


– May I leave a comment after participating in an activity with Stockholm Outdoor?

Pierre’s reply: I would be very grateful if you left a review / comment / testimonial on the Testimonial page of the website but especially on my page TripAdvisor. Thank you in advance 🙂