Kayaking 1 day

Kayak excursion in the Stockholm archipelago, 1 day

We meet at our base camp in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm and together we’ll drive to the south part of the Stockholm archipelago where we have our kayak base.

We start getting ready once we arrive at our base and go through some safety rules that apply in kayaking and then we get onboard our kayaks and start our discovery of one of the nicest part of the archipelago.

We’ll paddle through a multitude of islands, wild or occupied by lovely wooden houses that make the charm of Sweden. You’ll progress at your own pace while following and listening to your guide. You’ll be able to take pictures from your kayak. Hopefully we’ll be able to spot some animals on some islands or in the water such as seals or eagles.

We will stop on a well-chosen island to reload the batteries with a freshly prepared picnic. Nothing is easier than to take a dip in the Baltic Sea for those who want! The sea temperature easily reaches 20 C in this part of the archipelago during summer.

We will return to our kayaks and make our way back to the base through another route and other islands.

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We take care of:

A professional English-speaking guide who adapts his pace to yours
A kayak (singles or doubles) with all the safety gears
All the transports
Lunch and snacks

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