The 5 best things to do in summer in Stockholm as an outdoor lover

Here is my list of 5 things that I think you – outdoors lover – should plan for your stay in Stockholm. Of course this list could be longer and I could give you 10 or 15 other ideas, but 5 activities is not bad 🙂 If you do not have time to read the whole list so read only the headlines…

Because the Stockholm archipelago is so unique and beautiful, go and “visit” it, do not be afraid to get out of Stockholm, take public transportation, train, boat and ferry, even your legs … It is the largest archipelago in Sweden, it has more than 30,000 islands (yes you read right: thirty thousand islands) so I would understand if you didn’t know which one to visit. Some islands are far away from the center of Stockholm and it will take four hours to get there by ferry, while others are more easily accessible.  Contact us if you hesitate between several islands or what activities to do there.

1 / A mini sailing cruise in the Stockholm archipelago

Everything is said in the title… Enjoy a sailing cruise in the Stockholm archipelago 🙂 If your budget does not allow you to go a whole week, then you’ll find some opportunities to sail one day if not two days. Count 150 euros per person. As we focus on small groups we can not accommodate more than 4 adults (price includes transportation to and from Stockholm, meals, sailing boat, english/french/swedish/danish skipper).
From a sailboat, you will have time to observe the nature of the archipelago, take the helm and feel the flow of the Baltic Sea under the hull of the boat. If you decide to take the longer option then you will enjoy a real Swedish evening on an island of the archipelago: sauna, swimming, fishing, a good dinner and a quiet night on the boat. Nothing better for decompressing from the “everyday life” that many of us are the victims of…


2 / Visit Skansen, the open air museum on Djurgården

If I had to save one museum in Stockholm, Skansen would be the one! There you can see the typical red wooden houses of the Swedish countryside, elk and dears, and if you have the sweet tooth, then eating a good pastries is a must from the local old school bakery.


3 / Walk and chill along the waterfronts

Indeed Stockholm is built on ten islands linked by bridges. You can of course walk along Gamla Stan, the eastern part with the view to the island of djurgarden, its western part the view to the Town Hall and Södermalm. The best view of the City Hall (Stadshuset) is definitely from the high northern districts of Södermalm. The streets around Bastugatan are preferred and the Skinnarviksberget park.
The tour of Djurgården is also a must! You can walk along the small canal that separates the island from Östermalm / Gärdet.
Further from the city center is the creek that saw Alfred Nobel developed his dynamite: Vinterviken. You can easily get there by pedaling or padding from the center of Stockholm. If you feel the need of energy then you will find a good coffee house / restaurant, with a pleasant terrace in the warmer months as well as in winter!


4 / Kayak paddling in the Stockholm archipelago

Kayaking as sailing is a unique way to enjoy the nature and the landscapes of the archipelago. With a private guide you will have the chance to paddle at your own pace and stop wherever you want. You can swim in the Baltic Sea which is soft and quite warm in summer (fun fact: in the archipelago, the sea has the same salt content as your tears). We help you organize a single or multi day kayak trip.
If you really want to immerse yourself in the Swedish culture and have time to enjoy nature and tranquility of the archipelago then a 2 day trip is highly recommended 🙂 The program for 2 days is: navigation, well prepared lunches and dinner, swimming in the Baltic Sea, fishing, sauna, night in the tent or cottage and observation of the flora and the fauna of the archipelago, and why not a quiet meditation guided by the soft sounds of the waves and the wind. How does that sound to you?


5 / Hiking day in Tyresta National Park

This natural protected area offers to swedish and foreign tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the preserved nature far from any modern urbanization but only 30 minutes from downtown Stockholm!! Little capital cities in the world can brag that privilege, no?!
So fix your picnic, put on your hiking boots and go for a nice hike!
You can get there by public transport or private vehicle or even by bike if you leave extra early in the morning 🙂
Once in the Tyresta National Park, you will walk on good marked paths, gather some wood to light a bonfire to roast some nice hotdogs, admire the lakes, the primary forests, and the forest area that burned in 1999, which regenerates slowly everyday.